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Articles on practical aspects of modern shamanhood

    To make it easier for the beginner I have compiled a great variety of articles dealing with more practical aspects of shamanhood. You can copy them for your private use, print them without changes in interpunction, contents or other components. Publishing within a commercial context or the Internet is prohibited and only allowed when I am agreeing to it - then only with complete copyright notice and a backlink. I do not reply any request about other shamanic practitioner's addresses - please register in the bulletin-board of my website to place such or similar requests.

    In the unlikely case that you are interested in my great and abundand abilities as teacher of these techniques I direct you to my workshops. In short: I do not teach in other languages then my own. So you should change your mind and find someone different in your vicinity. Currently I am preparing an english edition of my recently published german book on contemporary shamanhood, wherein I collected all articles of my website that deal with shamanic practice or the twilight (the non-ordinary reality). A little bit earlier I am going to publish the english version of the PDF, which has some other contents then the book. So you have to wait some time until your request can be met. Angel Condor

    I have created various sections that you can find in the navigation-bar. The section general informations offers some more general articles on the subject and what my point of view is regarding the development of the shamanic-scene of the last twenty years.

    The section on basic practical techniques you can read through vital informations on how to induce trance-states and articles on the shamanic flight of the soul, "journeying" as it is named nowadays. Not suited for beginners is the section about shamanic sessions. These articles are for those that are already used to the basic-techniques and want to get further informations and ideas on important things and concepts of shamanic sessions.

    The "Other Reality", NOR or Twilight as I name this part of the universe and its inhabitants I am describing in various sections. In my articles I pay attention to the "Power-Animal" which I rather prefer to name as a special kind of angel, various topographical layouts of the Twilight, what you are expecting when you are dying, our ancestors, natural and artificial spirits, sacrifices and many more topics.

    How you can use your third eye consciously or the navel-cord you can find in the section I named additionals - meaning: additional informations and technical aspects of the art of shamanhood. The section of Huna is delving into the hawaiian path, which I call shamanic psychology, as it was preserved by Max Freedom Long at the beginning of the 20th. century. At last I included a section on siberian shamanhood where old accounts of shamans and their witnesses are awaiting you. There you also can find the tuvinean typology of different kinds of shamans.

    As in each section I want you to notice: You should not practice the described methods, techniques and ideas when you are mentally of physically ill. You should have an intact psyche and a good physical health when practicing anything I describe here in detail. I do not take responsibilities for results or consequences that may manifest or not manifest when single individuals or groups try to conduct any of the techniques or methods described anywhere on my website! I consider it vital and quite important that you learn or practice these things under a skilled and competent teacher.

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